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A Prayer to Turn Fear into Faith

“Dear Heavenly Father, I praise you for your magnificent power and strength. And Father, I am laying at your feet what I’m afraid of and upset about. Here Father, please take these wounds and fears from me. Please lift me up and help me to trust that you ARE watching over and protecting me. I pray to be released from the bondage of fear. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

6 thoughts on “A Prayer to Turn Fear into Faith

  1. I have been so worried about the health of my beloved sister Toni. This prayer has helped to ease my fears. I’m giving them all to God. Thank you so much Doreen.

  2. Thank you. I needed this prayer right now. I am grieving the death of my husband in January 19th, 2018. We were married 41 years. My mother is in home hospice and my father is gravely ill. God has helped to pull me through my grief every day and I gave my fears and worries to Him. Thanks be to God.

  3. Good prayer for me today as I overthink a situation at work, assuming the worst vs hopeful for the potentials that await me. I need to trust. And I need to not worry so much. I recognize work problems are secondary to most, but need the financial stability for my family. And need to hear God more in my heart and mind. Love to all!

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