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The Joy of Jesus free book download

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Doreen Virtue was one of the world’s top-selling new age authors and teachers. And then on January 7, 2017 everything changed when she saw a bigger-than-life vision of Jesus of Nazareth. That’s when she walked away from her successful career, faced tremendous

persecution and conspiracy theories, lost her publishing house, and risked losing everything – so that she could follow Jesus and share the blessings that the Bible had brought into her life.

In “The Joy of Jesus,” Doreen shares her personal experience with finally finding the joy and love she’d been seeking, and how Jesus completes our life and fills our heart in unmatched ways. You’ll learn how to deal with spiritual warfare, battlefield of the mind, persecution, doubts and other struggles, so that you can find the joy of Jesus as well.

25 thoughts on “The Joy of Jesus free book download

  1. Dearest Doreen,
    I want to Thank You for all that you have done for me and continue to do for so many other people. I Believe in You ! And i know that your heart is Pure, that you truly only want to help people. I can Feel your truth, your Love for God is very real ! I want you to know that you are a huge inspiration to me. I am learning so much from you, how to grow a back bone in the face of great adversity, you never backed down from what you beleived in and never gave up ! And although i am deeply saddened by what happened to you with Hay House, i beleive God has something much, much better and more fulfilling for you coming your way. There are so many things i want to say to you, to let you know how much your teachings have helped me. I don’t think there has been one thing that you have said, that did not turn out to be true. ” I Beleive In You ! ”
    Linda Rose

  2. Hello Doreen , I’m Jorge from Colombia . I want you to know that I believe you 100% and I am very happy for you that you have had the opportunity to ever come to Jesus, if you speak with him, I thank him very much for the life he has given me because I feel he is perfect. with problems like a normal life but with the certainty that Jesus is always by my side … if you can translate the book into Spanish, you can contact me. I will try to show it to many people

  3. Thank you so much, Doreen, for graciously and generously sharing your story and the different ways that The Lord Jesus Christ reaches into our hearts, patiently waiting for us to return Home.

    I have just begun to read your testimony, and already, so much of your journey resonates with me. I had similar experiences of angelic protection in times of violence and danger, and repeated invitations and directions to connect with Jesus and God.

    I chose the long way home after a traumatic childhood in a violent family. I chose the path of exploring and rebelling, egotistically trying to reinvent what already exists, judging harshly, arguing my way out of the truth, and trying to expel God and Jesus from my life because I was unhappy and hurt.

    As much as I tried to reject Him, He never left my side. And I know that’s why I am alive today. I praise His patience and forgiveness and grace, and the unending source of Love and Light.

    May you and your family continue to be blessed. With love and light, Katrina x

  4. Buenos días Doreen, que Dios y Jesús la bendigan y la acompañen siempre en su caminar en esta Vida y siempre. Me gustaría poder leer el libro la alegría de Jesús en español. Como puedo hacerlo por favor? Gracias y feliz día !

  5. Dear Doreen Virtue,

    thank you so much for the free version of “The joy of Jesus”.

    All my love Mme. Zauberhaft

  6. Thank you Doreen 🙏Right now i am i France Provance at La Grotte st.Baume I had a vision of Maria Magdalena here in 13/9 2017. I just had to go back here and explore what its all about?
    Love and light😇
    Åsa Wiksten

  7. What a fortunate women with that vision of Jesus…. God bless you for sharing your experience.

  8. Awesome book Doreen. I’ve been following you via the Angels for many years. Thank you for sharing your inspiring journey.

  9. Dearest Beloved Doreen 🙂
    I am the lady who caught your bouquet when you married Michael on the cruise ship. I very much enjoyed your workshop back then. I joined a 12 step program awhile ago and that is when God really became a part of my life. I consider you as a mentor to me. You inspire me with your true characteristics of humility, truth, bravery, fearlessness, and courage as well as being successful and intelligent! You go Woman! I also wanted you to know that I just read your new book on Jesus of Nazareth and it has profoundly influenced me to read the whole bible, thank you. May you always continue to come from your heart.
    Wishing you all the Best.
    Love your Mentee, Elizabeth xoxoxo

  10. Doreen and Michael,
    You are gaining much more, as you follow Jesus. Yes, it is pure joy to experience and share his love. You’re an inspiration.
    May the Lord continue to bless and keep you.

  11. Thankyou so much, Doreen for this beautiful gift. I really look forward to reading it. I thank god also for giving you the courage to share the truth of Jesus. You are such an inspiration. I too have recently been called home by Jesus. And i realise how neccessary it is to share the experience, but it doesn’t always feel easy! Your recent work is a tremendous inspiration, Thankyou x

  12. Dear Doreen,

    thank you so much für this book.
    I read it yesterday complet.

    God bless

    Nadine from Germany

  13. It was later that I knew the meaning and the agenda of the passages of the Bible, the backbone behind what the scripture wanted to tell us, but us misintepreting it in every possible way, and that was including me as well.

    Like you, I used to think that He in the old testament were harsh, but what changed me and made me understand was how shocking, how bad, how horrible the fallens were, and the severe degree of how much they actually deserve to be seperated from the better ones, and live in places that they do not want to be. That place, we call it hell. Without that place to put the fallens into, their trickery and selfish actions will make others terribly doomed, and our world will be in a horrible mess just because they were mixed with the better beings.

    Looking this way, God is really taking care of us by seperating the better and the worst. I am grateful that He did so. He is always there in this way, and taking care of us.

  14. I just wanted to say a deep and heartfelt Thankyou for this book, Doreen. it was enlightening and inspiring…. Thankyou. I wanted to quote a sentence from it that I just remembered, but can’t find!! It was something about how jesus loves everyone, not only Christians. Can you remember it? And is it o.k if I quote you? Love and support, Tara xxxx

  15. Thank you so much for sharing your transformation with us. It has dramatically changed my life going from new age to Christianity. It has not been an easy journey and the devil is surely not happy with my change. I thank you for the courage you have had, to blaze this new trail. I am finally filling the emptiness that new age had left in me. Finally finding my hope and joy in Jesus and beginning to enjoy life again.

  16. I still, will and always love you Doreen Virtue! Because I liked your work and you
    for to me the Light of Christ was Always visible to me through your work, no matter what shape or colouring. Because you were your ówn New Age, very unique, true and warm, no hidden agenda palpable.
    I was shocked to read just now that you lost your publishing house!
    I thought they were open-minded and all-inclusive!
    Kind regards.


  17. Dear Doreen,

    I just finished your book in 2 days and I wanted to thank you for writing this wonderful book.

    I´ve been purchasing and reading your books and listening to your radio shows for many years and so your conversion has been making an impact on myself. I´m going to follow your advice and read the Bible for the first time because I want to finally find what you have found and stop from seeking… I´m tired of that endless circle.

    You are making a huge difference and there´s no words to express my admiration, gratitude and respect for you.

    Please keep writing your experiences because even though I love to watch and hear you on video I love how you express yourself in writing. You are a wonderful and gifted writer.


  18. Doreen, your book has helped me and the Holy Spirit has been pushing me to read the bible for myself. I was saved through the Holy Spirit but now I need to read the word for myself. Thank you so much for your testimony. This has been such a tremendous blessing and encouraging. Please pray for all of my friends and family caught up in the new age and occult. Thank you and may God continually bless you. <3

  19. Thank you Doreen for your honesty and for your contribution to Christianity. You’re one very brave lady – a beautiful soul.
    Much love to you my friend.

  20. Dear Doreen
    Thank you for such a wonderful book.
    I was about to follow the wrong paths due to lack of money and then I started searching for quicker solutions.
    Luckily I came across your name and got me interested.
    As I started reading and I came across your change over from what I thought was a solution to Christianity.
    I then downloaded the book and read it.
    What an eye opener.
    Now I truly want to continue with my belief that Jesus is the only Saviour of human life. One just need to be patient.
    Hoping and believing my financial situation gets better in 2019 to be able to raise my children well.

    Kind regards

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