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Do all paths lead to Heaven?

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

When I had the vision of Jesus on January 7, 2017, it was like a veil was lifted. I could finally know the real Jesus! And then reading and studying the entire Bible helped me to know him even more.

Prior to my conversion, I was one of those people who said “all paths lead to God.” I was a “universalist,” which is a term for the belief that all good people go to Heaven. After all, how could a loving God send anyone to hell? That is, if hell even existed (which I had strong doubts about).

People frequently ask me what changed my mind about hell, and it really started with Michael and I watching YouTube videos of people having near death experiences. We watched dozens of videos of people who claimed they went to hell during a near-death experience, and then they were rescued by Jesus. This included people of non-Christian religions, and also atheists and agnostics. They all converted to following Jesus after they were revived, and then they made videos to warn others that hell is real, and that only Jesus saves us from hell.

The website ChristIsComing777 lists testimonies of people who went to hell during near-death experiences.

I also read Jesus’s teachings about hell (he used the terms Gehenna, sheol, outer darkness, and hades). Jesus taught more about hell than anyone else in the Bible, and it’s clear that his motivation is love and caring, rather than trying to frighten us.

The Bible explains that God created hell as a prison for the devil and his fallen angels. Those who follow the devil and demons during their earthly life, will also follow them in their afterlife. Those who choose to be disconnected from God in this life, will remain disconnected to him in their afterlife.

C.S. Lewis wrote:

“There are only two kinds of people: those who say to God, “Thy will be done,” and those to whom God says, “All right, then, have it your way.”

So, hell is about our free will choices to follow the devil or to follow God. That made so much sense to me.

When we study the Book of Romans in the Bible, we see that Jesus was sent to relieve us of the burden of trying to perfectly live by the 613 laws of Moses. When Jesus died on the cross, he exclaimed “It is finished!” to signify that the laws were fulfilled. We were now under a new covenant of following the two most important commands:

  1. Love God with all of your heart, mind, strength, and soul
  2. Love your neighbor (all people) as yourself.

At first glance, these two commandments sound easy. No problem! But then when we realize their implications, we realize why we need Jesus in order to obey the commandments.

Loving God with ALL of your heart, mind, strength, and soul means having total and complete trust in him for every part of your life. It means turning only to God for answers. No horoscopes, card readings, predictions, idols, or psychics. It also means praising God for every circumstance, instead of complaining.

Loving your neighbor as yourself, means treating all people as you want to be treated. No judging, gossiping, stealing, lying, cheating, or breaking promises.

Okay, so in all fairness, every person breaks these two commandments. That’s called sinning. And God asks us to bring that sin to him, so that he can forgive you and teach you why you did it, and how to avoid it in the future.

So you can have a silent or aloud conversation with God, admitting to him what you’ve done. You confess directly to God, and God directly forgives you. No priest, saint, angel, or prophet is needed for this direct connection with God that Jesus’s crucifixion gave to us as a free gift.

The joy of unburdening your heart through this process of direct confession to God is so freeing! You take the weight and pressure that you’ve been carrying, and lay them at God’s feet. You apologize sincerely, and ask for his forgiveness. God always forgives those who are sincerely repentant.

Excerpted from “The Joy of Jesus” available as a free download by clicking here.

Here’s an article with more information about Jesus as the only way to Heaven.

8 thoughts on “Do all paths lead to Heaven?

  1. Thank you for your information Doreen. This is very interesting. Makes a person think about how they want to live on this earth. You are correct. We all have choices.

  2. Dear Doreen I understand that Jesus is Christ. I welcome the virtue now of this expansive Universe within my life to serve God true will. I thank you precious woman for being so sincere and clear with this insight of Jesuschrist that you’re sharing with Us. You have inspired me years ago when I was searching for the truth and today I can realize that your transformation is leading me into my well being. So once again gracias and keep up with this journey you’re following. Congratulations from Mexico City.
    333 333 333

  3. Hello Doreen,

    I am happy for you in your new found love. I support you and am grateful for the knowledge and power that you have given me over the years. You care so much, and I absolutely love that about you. I will continue to follow your story with an open heart. So many opportunities to learn everyday.

    Thank you for your kindness and loving heart.



  4. Hi Doreen,
    I have been a huge follower of yours throughout the years purchasing several of your books and your cards. You mention in this article we shouldn’t turn to cards for answers. Also in one of your books you mention how to do automatic writing you also recommend a prayer before doing this. It almost seems like your now recommending not to do these things. Can you clarify your position on your angel cards, I also have your tarot cards. Thank you 💕


  5. I am quite amazed by your testimony Doreen. I came across your web site out of curiosity, wanting to know who is this lady with a Ph.D. A lady obsessed in writing ‘angel books’. I know of a person who has many of your books on ‘angels’ knowing that if ever she comes to your web site, you have a powerful testimony to share. I pray she does. Your vision of the saviour Jesus is truly convicting. May the Lord Jesus the Christ bless you as you walk and pray to Him. I was caught up in a Hindoo cult and I was convicted be the Lord Jesus Christ and burnt everyone of those Hindoo books. It was amazing to see all these books of falsehood go up in smoke in seconds. I didn’t expect that to happen, thing it would take some time to burn. Again Doreen, I am amazed with absolute joy you’ve encountered Him, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  6. Doreen,

    I met you at the Celebrate Your Life in Scottsdale,Az in 2004. It was there that began my journey into new age, and ultimately to a follower of Jesus! I am so happy to see you saved! Praying for you!

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