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Since converting to following Jesus, I receive questions from people who want to know if specific new age products or practices are against God‘s will. This is a very important concern, because we do not want to do anything against God’s will.

Even if you don’t believe in hell, what if you are wrong and the Bible is correct? You could end up spending eternity tortured, instead of choosing to be with Jesus in Heaven. After all, Jesus warned us more about hell, than any other person in the Bible. The stories of those who visited hell are very motivating to get right with God, as you can read in this website:

While I’m not a theologian, I have read the entire Bible, and continue to daily read and study the entire Bible.

So these are the answers to frequently asked questions about converting from new age to Christianity:

Q: What about reiki and energy healing?

A: I was a reiki master when I was in the new age. And yet, I rarely used reiki because it felt cold, mechanical, and extraterrestrial to me.   Now that I follow Jesus, I pray to him for healing. Jesus never used symbols for healing work, and we don’t need symbols either.   Here’s a good article on the topic:

Q: What about yoga?

A: Regarding yoga, it’s a controversial topic in Christianity. Some say that yoga poses and Sanskrit terms are worshiping pagan deities. Others say yoga is fine if you say biblical prayers and scripture during the poses.   For me, I avoid yoga studios since most have pagan deity symbols and statues. I do Pilates instead, and really enjoy it.   Here’s a good article on the topic:

Q: What about crystals?

A: God made crystals, and the Bible is filled with references to crystals. What matters most is HOW we use the crystals. If we see them as substitutes for God’s healing power, then we are misusing the crystals as idols. But if we regard the crystals like we would a bouquet of God’s flowers, as His beautiful creations, that’s okay. Here’s a good article on the topic:

Q: What about Angel Numbers?

A: While the Bible definitely has number symbology, the Bible is also clear that God wants us to go directly to him for answers. Here is an eye-opening article about angel numbers:

Q: What about angel cards, psychic readings, and mediumship?

A: After the life-changing vision that I had of Jesus on January 7, 2017, I have my whole focus on him. There are other parts of spirituality for sure, but they aren’t always safe, because demons often use them as doorways to pull us away from God. Messages in the Bible about not doing psychic and mediumship work are because God wants us to go to him directly for answers; he wants us to trust him with our future instead of trying to predict or control our future; and psychic/mediumship opens us up to demon imposters. Here’s a good article on the topic:

Q: Is it okay to pray to angels?

A: For a long time, I have emphasized that we are not to pray to angels, nor are we to worship them. The Bible says we are only to pray to God. And in the book of Revelation 22:8-9, we see that angels do not want to be worshiped. When you pray to God, if it’s according to his will, he will send you angels. Nowhere in the Bible is there a reference to people calling on angels. In the book of Hebrews, we read that Jesus is above the angels. Here’s a good article on the topic:

Q: Why did you stop talking about angels?

A: I still talk about angels, and I have written about them in my last two books. The difference is that I now have a biblical understanding of angels. I also understand why the Bible says that the devil masquerades as of light (2 Corinthians 11:14). The fallen angels are demons who oppress people and try to control them away from God’s will. We must be very discerning about angels. For more information on angels, please read my FREE book at

Q: I’ve spent a lot of money on new age products and classes. What should I do with them?

A: I can relate, as I also spent thousands of dollars on new age products, including artwork and jewelry, and classes. When I read the Bible’s many commands to smash the idols, and especially the story in Acts 19 about people burning millions of dollars worth of occult books, I knew I had to do the same.

Some people choose to burn their new age and occult items. This wasn’t practical for me, so I threw them away. When I did, the amount of spiritual warfare reduced considerably in my household, and there was a new sense of relief, from being right with God’s will.

I’m frequently asked whether it’s okay to donate or sell the new age items. The answer is: if these materials are bad for you, they’ll be bad for someone else.

If in doubt, ask Holy Spirit whether you should remove something from your home (or office), and he will clearly guide you.

In general, you want to cast out everything that’s an idol or heretical to the Bible. That includes books, cards, artwork, clothing, jewelry, and apps. Here’s a good video on the topic:

Q: Do you believe in reincarnation?

A: The topic of reincarnation is one of the more confusing topics in spirituality. The Bible is very clear that we live once, and we have one chance to come to salvation through Jesus. Along time ago, I used to believe that the Bible talked about reincarnation in several mentions about Elijah. After doing research, though, I see that the Bible teaches about raising the dead and ascension, not reincarnation.

Even more importantly, why risk our eternal life based on wishful thinking? We certainly don’t want to be cast into hell for eternity, when we could’ve spent earthly life following God‘s will.

Besides that, who really wants to come back to earth? It’s very harsh here! I would rather put my whole focus on spending eternity in paradise with Jesus, by following God‘s will. Here’s a good article on the topic: 

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24 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I have followed you and since you received your vision of Jesus was it difficult to change your ways of how you were looking at things. Do you feel being intuitive is difficult?
    I have been going through a difficult journey with my marriage and I have prayed for 4 years for help but I am struggling.

  2. Thank you so much, Doreen – I need clarification on so many things! I spent a long time thinking a lot of these beliefs were perfectly OK and thought I was still a Christian for having them.

  3. Hi. When you mention the cards,- what about the “Jesus cards”? Are they bad too?
    Kind regards from Pia in Denmark

  4. Thank you Doreen. As I was raised Christian I too growing up made a drastic switch to new age … always searching for something… needed answers…. and was fascinated with the study and beliefs. Throughout my days I often questioned the GOD/ Jesus in the Bible … well that same GOD/Jesus that I have questioned has been the only one that has walked along side of me in this journey of life. I often didn’t see. But really I thank my mother for raising me in the church. You have been my inspiration throughout the years … your books.. videos.. all of it … as I first discovered that you had converted to Christianity I myself had a huge wake up call realizing if Doreen virtue has seen the face of Jesus it’s time for me Also to put away a lifetime of searching and turn back to the old beliefs that I was taught as a child… thank you for all you do… you will never ever know what a huge inspiration you are to me!!! Much peace and love!!!

  5. I am chronologically 81 years old and I have had my lifetime to grow spiritually with our Amazing Triune God. One God with three essenses. Almighty God Creator, Heavenly Abba/Loving Jesus, Savior, teacher example/Holy Spirit, Comforter and Guide is my all. I am so blessed. I have suffered a lot and am ready for Him to take me home in His timing. You are a young Christian if you have walked with our Lord only since January 2017, but your words are so wise. BRAVA to you!

  6. Doreen, by the Spirit I knew you changed and you were following Jesus. I have for years. Had one more class before becoming a Reiki Master. Began to question as I sat meditating one day. And the fact that my life was becoming a disaster. I realized I was making New Age part of my ways. Can not have two Gods before you. You will love one and hate the other. I in my new ways was becoming self sufficient. Believing it was okay. Jesus has made provission to all who receive Him for everything, anything…healing, prosperity in ALL things. Well I began to submerge myself in His word for hours daily. Repented …I like…”Admit it, quit it, and then get over it !” Jesse Duplantis said it. I listened to Bible teaching from Charles Capp, Jesse Duplantis, Kenneth Copeland, Jerry Seville…misspelleld his last name, Keith Moore, and Creflo Dollar. I am free again. I am the head and not the tail…I am everything He says I am. Beginning to pray…speak the 91st psalm over my life,and my loved ones. Love to you. I am happy for you.


    Gerry Walton

    1. Dear Gerry, I’m afraid you’ve swapped one lot of false teachers for another, please research these men you are following. It’s very easy to fall into false teaching, I did it myself years ago. The evil one doesn’t like to let people go and he’s not bothered which false teachers you follow. Jesse Duplantis is trying to get people to give him $54m for his 4th private jet. That is not of God.
      Jim Cymbala from the Brooklyn Tabernacle is a faithful, scriptural man of God, there are many of his messages on youtube or the church website. There are some others, ask the Lord for discernment.
      Bless you

      1. Greetings & Blessings Lin!

        I know Minister Jesse Duplantis, and he’s not “raising money” from others—as the media states the matter—in order to pay for his jet.

        That’s propaganda, which has gone out to turn turn people away from his ministry, and that of the ministries connected with him (e.g. Kenneth Copeland Ministries, Jerry Savelle, Keith Moore, Pastor Creflo Dollar, Pastor Bill Winston, etc.)

        The Holy Spirit directly connected me with Eagle Mountain Int’l Church/Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM), and Bro. Copeland’s contemporaries, and they are Holy Spirit-led in their works.

        I’ve attended church for the majority of my life, started to question things of The Bible and Jesus between 2016-2017, then prayed to Abba, asking Him to show me The Way, and lead me into all Truth and Understanding—which included not attending another church until HE LED ME to the one I should be at, for the RIGHT spiritual development.

        Well, He did just that!

        Since I’ve been connected with KCM, and listening to the teachings of Kenneth and Gloria Copeland, Pastors George and Terri Pearsons (Senior Pastors of Eagle Mtn), Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin, Charles Capps, Andrew Wommack, Creflo Dollar, Jerry Savelle, Keith Moore, and Pastor Bill Winston, my life has been tremendously blessed in The Word revelation I’ve received, unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever received from attending church all my life.

        While these men, and women, aren’t perfect—as we all are in that category—they do their utmost very best to be led by The Holy Spirit in their ways of ministry—with the inclusion of the material possessions they have, as they use them for Kingdom Business.

        Have you listened to any of Bro. Jesse’s messages?

        In The Love of Christ,

  7. Doreen, your transformation is absolutely phenomenal! It is amazing how God shows Himself to those who put their full faith in Him, as a child. Your conversion has encouraged me greatly to continue the path of Christianity, as I was also involved previously in new age. If your repentance and conversion does not speak volumes of the true power of God and the need to leave new age behind, then I don’t know what does.

    1. This speaks beautifully of Doreen’s changes and l couldn’t have said it better. I have followed Doreen since about 2000 and did my crystal healing my reiki 2, massage and healing as my new business along with a new FB Annabelle’s Angel Messages 2 weeks ago which is popular. After feeling God working through me. Today I’m closing down the FB Page, leaving the groups I belong to that do the same new age practices as me, throwing away every unnatural chemical and anything tested on animals, my crystal dowsers, books and cards on angels and ornaments depicting paganism, mediumship and do not want to heal in any way other than praying to Jesus. I kept my crystals but no longer use them in the way I once did, now they are natural beautiful parts of the earth in my home and compliment it’s energy. It feels like a self loving practise and I look forward to connecting more deeply with our loving creator to guide me rather than rely on dowsers cards and books, I hope to understand more fully the scripture in my Jesus centred bible too. Blessings and love – thank you 💜

  8. Please pray for my daughter, who has 2 children with autism and a young baby. My daughter, Marie seems to get constantly ill . Thank you.

  9. Hi Doreen
    I was a bit concerned about your conversion initially as my sister in law converted to a Christian group following Jesus with another bible’s version, but watching your video about following the true Jesus reassured me. I’ve got a question should I get rid of your angels cards what would you advise reading your FAQs I’m not sure and wondering now…many thanks

  10. Hi Doreen!! today I dream about you
    you gave me a message
    But I really do not listen to what you told me in my dream, and I’m very sad 😞

  11. I had my awakening March 31st, 2018. I thought I’d been a Christian since 1987 because I escaped from a religious cult. Since then I have been into mainstream Christianity, the new age, and into another cult and in between was in abusive relationships. All those years I had a bible in one hand and tarot cards in the other, trying to walk in both worlds at the same time. Didn’t know which way I was going. Finally, I saw Jesus for who he really is. Just since my conversion, one of my adult children has also found Jesus.

  12. Doreen,

    When I was 19 I was called to Christianity and got baptized. I experienced spiritual warfare shortly after. When I shared my struggles with other Christians, I was told I’m experiencing it because I am one of God’s soldiers now. It was through some of your teachings of the past and working with the angels that helped me tremendously. Your messages to help earth and the animals were powerful too. I feel you should you give yourself more credit. Not all the things you taught in the past were bad or pagan. I still put God first no matter what I do. I just think some of the tools you shared regarding working with the angels made me connect even more to God. It made me realize we’re all here as light workers to serve the lord. You were always an example of that to me. God bless!

  13. Hello Doreen,
    I have always followed you and always was felt this spiritual connection with you. I have always had spiritual gifts and due to living with a skeptic catholic family did not know how to use my gifts. When you shared your visions and were into religions it made perfect sense why I was drawn to you not anyone else. Thank you so much for the book angels and saints! I absolutely love it. Your amazing, thank god you are sharing what is right and please pray for me to use
    My gifts to help Others and be more confident. Love 💕

  14. Hi Doreen

    Just to encourage your followers,When you feel the power of the Holy Spirit over you and Gods Glory ,you will realize the weight and
    Amazing Power,nothing like anything else.

    There is no comparison…….. get into a worship team and become open to the Holy Spirit ,then watch real transformation.



  15. Hello Doreen, and becoming vegan. Do you always recommend that you stop eating meat and drinking alcohol? Excuse my English, if I make mistakes, I speak French!

  16. Hi Doreen:
    So glad to hear of your journey and commitment to Christ now. I have been a Christian all of my life but I am learning tons from you. Thanks for your ministry and you all are in my prayers, mega blessings to you !

  17. Hi Doreen, I just want to let you know I have thrown away all of my reading cards today! So thankful for your obedience and loyalty to Father God. You are a true Leader and I’m proud of you. I’m proud of me for making the decision to throw out all my cards today. Love’n Blessings from God our Father, And our Lord Jesus Christ!

  18. Doreen,

    You havr been a source of light. Thank you.
    Just wanted to say that you are wrong about Yoga and so is the article that you suggest. Yoga philosophy asks us to concentrate on oneself in the sense that an individual has to cleanse itself of the human vices like anger, greed, have a disciplined life, not speak lies, maintain clean body and mind, exercise SO THAT the person is able to concentrate on the name of God snd attain union with God. In a way, these are little practical steps (yoga is a eight step philosophy) that bring you closer to you being able to concentrate in the name of God and ultimately feel one with Him.

    Thanks and love from India.

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