FAQ about Doreen Virtue


Frequently Asked Questions about Doreen Virtue

Q: Why are your old heretical products still for sale?

A: I don’t sell the old products; other people sell them against my express wishes. I am working to get them off the market place. If they were self-published items, I would have immediately removed them all. Unfortunately, they were licensed to other companies before I was saved. I don’t know how to revoke these licenses, beyond taking legal action.

My former USA publisher, from what I understand (they don’t speak with me anymore after they fired me in November 2017 for my Christianity), is selling the old stock of the old products. They have removed my name from products that I co-authored, and my other products are going out of print.

The two things that are challenging is that foreign publishers bought 7-year licenses from my former USA publisher on my products to sell in other countries and languages. The 7 years should be up soon, and I expressly asked my former USA publisher to not renew these licenses.

A new upset for me is that a Chinese printer (perhaps the same one used by my ex-publisher) is now reprinting my old products and people are selling them on ebay and amazon! They are selling my old cards without a contract with my old publisher, and without my permission. So I’ve been going through these listings and filing copyright infringement complaints.

I would appreciate your prayers, and if any Christian lawyers or paralegals want to help, please contact me on Instagram.com/DoreenVirtue direct messages.

Q: Do you receive money from your old products?

A: Yes, I receive a fraction of the money that I was paid prior to my conversion Christianity. The money goes to pay the enormous amount of back taxes owed from my prior income when I was a new age teacher. We gave refunds for the first two years following my conversion, and then we could no longer afford to give any more refunds.

Q: Please explain the vision of Jesus that you had, and why it is in your new book?

A: I had visions of Jesus throughout my life, including a vision of Jesus in January 2017 before I was saved. I no longer have visions.

The January 2017 vision accompanied my realization that the Gospel is real: that Jesus really is the Son of God who died for our sins and that the Bible is true and God’s Word. So, I initially believed that the vision brought me this realization.

Justin Peters and Chris Rosebrough spent a lot of time patiently counseling me about the vision being unbiblical and unviable. This made sense, as I too had doubted the vision before talking with them. I only hung onto the vision because it accompanied my realization that the Gospel is true.

In July 2020, Pastor Rosebrough helped me to see that my listening to the Gospel on Christian radio since the 1990’s had been the reason why I believed the gospel. God’s word does not return void (Isaiah 55:11).

As soon as Pastor Rosebrough helped me to see that my vision wasn’t from Jesus, and that my realization about the Gospel truth was a simultaneous separate event, I immediately publicly renounced the vision.

My book, “Deceived No More” had been published and released one month earlier. I immediately contacted my editor to update the two pages of the book, to denounce the vision. The book has been updated in the Kindle edition, and for second and subsequent printings of the paper book. They said that the audio book could not be revised unfortunately.

Here is a video with Pastor Rosebrough, explaining the nature of the vision that I had prior to being saved: https://youtu.be/f9MtKZsh1U0

Q: Why are your comments turned off on your YouTube channel and Facebook page?

A: I turned off the comments in 2009 on my YouTube channel because I’m the only person running the channel, and moderating comments is super time-consuming. Plus, some people express their opinions in unkind ways and try to start arguments in the comments section.

My Facebook comments section is actually broken. After I posted about my angel cards being dangerous demon cards in 2019, I received so many comments pro and con, that somehow this broke my comments section the next day. I have reported it to Facebook, but it still is broken.

My comments are open on my Instagram page for those who follow the page.

If someone wants to contact me, the best way is through Instagram.com/DoreenVirtue direct messages.