Please don’t use reading, divination, oracle, tarot, or angel cards


Sometimes I feel like an ex-tobacco company employee turned whistle-blower. Cigarettes are dangerous to your body, but occult products are even more dangerous as they attract demons and can lead to an eternity in hell. I pray that people would stop buying and using the cards that I made, or cards that anyone makes.

Many will laugh at me and say that I am being fear-based. Some people will complain because other people still sell my old products. Some people will get mad because they make their income on new age practices and products. Some will confront me about the money I previously made.

I’m not judging anyone. We are all sinners, and I’m a sinner too. We’ve all broken God’s laws. That’s we all need a Savior, and that’s Jesus Christ who God sent to save us from our sins.

Some will accuse me of becoming a Christian to make more money, but I haven’t asked for ANY money since converting, and my new ebook has been free since I published it.

Some people will say that I am betraying them. But how is it betrayal if I 100% believed in the New Age when I was teaching it? And as soon as I realized the dangers of new age practices, I publicly admitted that I had made a mistake.

I grew up in new thought churches, which led me to the new age. I was never raised in traditional Christianity, and I had not read the entire Bible before. I had no idea that God is against psychic practices until I read the Bible. and yes, I have read all the different English translations of the Bible, and they all say this. Ask any theologian, and they will tell you the same.

Yes, God appointed a few prophets, but that’s VERY different than psychics. God’s prophets were 100% accurate, and they were calling people to return to the Covenant, and to stop idolatry. Their only predictions were about Jesus the Messiah, and the coming Babylonian captivity.

Yes, we have spiritual gifts and the Bible is clear that they are to be only used under the direction of the Holy Spirit who gave us those gifts.

Some will say that there are no demons or hell, but if you say this you are calling Jesus a liar! He spoke about hell more than anyone else in the New Testament, and many of his healings involved casting out demons.

The devil’s biggest lie is that he doesn’t exist, there is no hell, and no demons. Why does the devil say he doesn’t exist? Because the devil wants to lure you into his lair for eternity.

Humanity’s fall happened when the devil lied to Adam and Eve, falsely promising them “secret wisdom” so that they “could be like God.” The devil still tells that lie today. Please don’t fall for it!

It’s impossible to blend Christianity and New Age, because they are 180 degree opposites. I tried to blend them for years! I wasted 58 years of my life trying to blend them. Please learn from my mistakes! There is no such thing as a “new age Christian.”

There’s a false Jesus, who was prophesied by Jesus himself. This false Jesus tells you that you can do whatever you want, because he’s really a demon that wants to lead you to hell. Some of the Christian churches have become infiltrated with new age practices too, so please use discernment. As the Apostle Peter warned us, the devil prowls around like a lion seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). The key is to compare everything to the Bible.

People can talk trash about me all day long, but the bottom line is that I am warning you because I care about you. I wish someone would’ve given me this warning when I was in the New Age! As soon as I found out about this problem, I went public with it. In the chance that one person has ears to hear what I am warning about, it’s worth the public humiliation of making posts like this.

Just like cigarette packs have warnings on them, I think that card packs should also have warnings. Please read your Bible every day, turn away from idolatry, and follow Jesus of the Bible very carefully.

You guys who are using new age tools are playing with fire! Prayers of protection won’t protect you! Only repenting away from these practices, and turning to Jesus will protect you.

If you are involved in the New Age, and especially if Jesus is calling to you, please get on your knees and repent. Ask Jesus to lead you out of the darkness and into his light where you will be safe for eternity.

Heavenly Father, Thank you for your Holy Spirit revealing to me, and helping me with, anything that I’m doing that is away from your will. I desire to please and glorify you.” As Jesus reminds us in John 9:31: God listens to those who live according to his will. None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes, and that’s why praying for Holy Spirit to teach and correct us helps to put us on the right path. Please keep the faith, Dear One!