10 Reasons Why Christianity and New Age Cannot Blend


 I tried to blend New Age and Christianity for many years. Here are just 10 of the many reasons why Christianity and the new age are opposites that can never be blended:

1. New Age glorifies the self; Christianity glories God.

2. New Age says: “Follow your heart, and do whatever makes you happy.” Christianity says: “Follow and obey Jesus, for the heart is deceitful.”

3. New Age turns to ascended masters, spirit guides, the universe, astrology, and angels for help; Christianity only follows the Holy Trinity.

4. New Age tries to predict and control the future; Christianity trusts God with the future.

5. New Age says there is no sin, hell, devil, or demons; Christianity believes Jesus’ teachings about sin, hell, devil, and demons in the Holy Bible.

6. New Age relies upon channeled books, cards, and psychic readings for guidance; Christianity relies upon prayer and the Bible.

7. New Age says Jesus is an “ascended master” or “just a man who was enlightened,” and they imagine that Jesus is an “anything goes” laid-back man; Christianity says that Jesus was fully God and fully man during his earthly ministry, and he’s now at the right-hand of our Heavenly Father God, as the second member of the Holy Trinity. We will all stand before God on judgment day, and we want Jesus there with us to attest that we’ve been forgiven for our sins.

8. New Age says you get into heaven by “being a good person;” Christianity says it’s not your works that save you – it’s God’s grace through your faith in the life, death, and resurrection of our Savior Jesus (who was the only sinless and truly good person to walk the earth). God’s love doesn’t give us license to do whatever we please.

9. New Age tries to “manifest” their wants and desires; Christianity trusts God’s promise to meet the needs of believers.

10. New Age says there are many paths to God; Christianity quotes Jesus’ own words: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

Doreen Virtue was saved out of a lifetime in the new age, by the grace of God through her faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus. She now reads and studies the Bible daily, and encourages others to trust God and His Word in the Bible.