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Smudging with Sage is new age, not Christian or biblical


I receive a lot of questions about smudging with sage. When I was in the new age, I burned sage and waved the smoke around my home to “clear away negative energy.” It’s a common new age practice, borrowed from the Native American culture (the new age borrows from a lot of cultures, and then twists these cultural practices to fit new age beliefs).

New agers will tell you that they’re more peaceful and less afraid than Christians. However, new agers are constantly fighting against the invisible monster of “negative energy.”

The Bible gives us the true way to deal with evil and sin, through repentance, prayer, the armor of God, reading the Bible, and most of all through our faith in Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that burning sage will chase away demons.

When you believe that a bundle of burning sage, or a crystal, or an oil blend will keep you safe or give you power – that’s idolatry. The Bible condemns idols.

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