Friday, June 21, 2024
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Why the Law of Attraction is Crazy-Making Mind-Control


I used to believe in and teach the Law of Attraction, which claims that our thoughts control our reality: your negative thoughts attract problems, and your positive thoughts make your wishes come true.

This belief will drive you crazy, with the constant pressure to control your thoughts, lest you accidentally attract problems.

It’s such a relief to realize God is in charge! My thoughts don’t control the universe, and neither do yours.

Now, my thoughts are largely positive because I rest in Christ, instead of from trying to get something. I have lost my phobia about having negative thoughts or emotions. It’s also great to be real and authentic with my friends, with good and bad days, instead of always presenting myself as 100% positive. This has deepened my relationships.

The Bible teaches us who God is. He’s in charge, not us. Please read: Genesis 1-3; Job 1, 38-42; and the books of John and Romans.

Image from Truth Discerned – a Facebook page I recommend for solid content about discernment.