Saturday, May 30, 2020

Doreen Virtue


Have you or your children been bullied? 5 Steps to help.

As a shy and socially awkward child with a spiritual vocabulary, I was severely bullied as a child. Name-calling was part of my life...

Please don’t use reading, divination, oracle, tarot, or angel cards

Sometimes I feel like an ex-tobacco company employee turned whistle-blower. Cigarettes are dangerous to your body, but occult products are even more dangerous as...

You Mean That I Had Access to the Answers All Along?!

When I finally read the whole Bible, I felt a little like Dorothy at the end of the Wizard of Oz, who realized that...


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If only I knew then what I know now

If only I knew then what I know now One of my biggest regrets is that I raised my children in the new age, and...

There’s no such thing as “Christian yoga”

Yoga is pagan idolatry. Every pose in the yoga sun salutation series is bowing to different pagan deities. Yoga does not glorify God, and it...

Jesus is the only way to Heaven

Jesus is the only way to heaven. I would’ve been offended by this statement when I was a universalist, which is a term that means...

Why are Doreen Virtue’s new age products still for sale?

Just to clarify: I, Doreen Virtue, do not sell or recommend any new age products, including the ones that I created before Jesus saved...