Monday, March 30, 2020

Doreen Virtue


About Doreen’s Conversion to Christianity

A long time ago, I had a “the-more-friends-in-the-spirit-world,-the-better” approach to spirituality. I figured that as long as I stayed close to God and Jesus,...

Focus on God’s Light

When life seems darkened by clouds of worry, fear, and sadness, turn your focus onto the bright clear light that Jesus shines. As 2...

Please don’t use reading, divination, oracle, tarot, or angel cards

Sometimes I feel like an ex-tobacco company employee turned whistle-blower. Cigarettes are dangerous to your body, but occult products are even more dangerous as...

A Prayer to Turn Fear into Faith

“Dear Heavenly Father, I praise you for your magnificent power and strength. And Father, I am laying at your feet what I’m afraid of...

You Mean That I Had Access to the Answers All Along?!

When I finally read the whole Bible, I felt a little like Dorothy at the end of the Wizard of Oz, who realized that...


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